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Past Life Reading via the Akashic Records

How are your past life events impacting your current life?

Past Life Reading via the Akashic Records
Past Life Reading via the Akashic Records

Time & Location

Time is TBD

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About the Event

A past life reading is a reading where past lives, impacting you in your present life, are brought forward for understanding.  

This reading takes about 1 hour.. channeled through my guides. The entire reading will be typed and emailed to you. 

This is done through email. I will email you all of the information gathered. This will include past lives and how they created a negative karmic pattern that is carried into this lifetime. 3 lifetimes is the average that come through. 

Please use the email that you would like the reading sent to.  If there is a topic you would like me to focus on.. relationship, career, health, etc Although I cannot control what the keepers of your records are willing to share with me.  I will focus on the topic. I give you what I get. There is no guarantee that the topic will be shared with me.  I will also need to know your name at birth and place to ask the keep of your records for permission to access the records. I will not have access to anything that has not been authorized by you. Your current life secrets are safe within the records. My questions will only be in the highest of good of you. 

Reading will come withing two weeks of booking. The number of bookings before you will determine the time it takes to complete your reading. 


  • Past Life Reading

    Reading will be complete in 2 weeks or sooner




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