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What is the next step on your spiritual journey?

Whispers of Wisdom and Soul Discovery

     I have found that many of my clients, come to me because they are looking to answer a very difficult question, have been carrying a lifelong burden or are at a point where they just know there is something more. Often, they are looking for a quick fix for a difficult situation. I can tell you... there is no 1 hour that will get you there. A meeting with a psychic medium, a past life regressionist, or a meditation with your guides will give you a Whisper of Wisdom… and all these whispers help you to start piecing things together as you discover your soul.

     Soul discovery takes a little work, and by putting in the efforts you will see and, most importantly, feel the results. When your soul is operating at its best you will notice life always falling into place. You will manifest the most important aspects into your life. Think of any happy point in your life when everything was just falling together but at the low points it felt like everything was falling apart. This is when your soul was on track or not on track. When you are able to feed your soul, you begin your spiritual awakening. There really is no magic wand or one modality that will “fix” you. But there are many different avenues or modalities that will get you there. These answers you have been looking for will just come so very profoundly you will wonder why you didn’t just see it before. You really didn’t need the Ruby Slippers because you had it all along. Go to where you are drawn because only you know the way. 

     Growing spiritually will raise your vibration rate. As that starts to happen people who are not at a similar vibration rate start to feel and appear differently to you. You knew there was a problem before but just accepted it, this is something an awakening soul can no longer do . People around you will notice something pleasantly different about you. The negative people in your life will become uncomfortable with the new positive changes in you. As your awakenlng grows,  You can no longer work in a job that makes you feel bad in any way or befriends with the people that do not value you. Like the old cliché says, “When one door closes another opens” and this is true in your awakening. The negative things will disappear at the same time the positive things are manifesting for you. When you are on the right the path, everything starts and continues to fall into place.

     In life we need to find the balance of living in the present while also being aware of what we have learned from our past and where we aspire to go in the future. Similar is true when driving a car on a busy highway. You need to be in the moment, as you also pay attention to what is going on behind you and anticipating your next move going forward. The same is true for the soul. The soul has a past that is much farther and deeper than we can possibly imagine, and it also has a future so amazing it’s equally difficult to imagine. But knowing where the soul has been and where the soul is going allows us to be the absolute best in this present life, on this day, at every moment.

     No two journeys are the same. Continued work and growth are the only way to get on your true path and to stay on your path. You will finally feel like you found what you knew you needed all along. I look forward to helping you connect with who you really are. When your heart, mind and soul are happy life finally begins. If you are not sure where to start or have questions, book a Coaching and Consult with me and we will work together to get you on your way to soul discovery. 

Peace, Love & Light,


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